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Why is bootstrapping your small business a good idea?

By Invoice Bazaar | August 12, 2020

In business parlance, bootstrapping refers to the process of starting a business venture on a low budget with one’s personal finance and savings, and building it up from scratch without any outside capital ..

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How can you transition successfully from employee to entrepreneur?

By Invoice Bazaar | August 9, 2020

Though transitioning from an employee to an entrepreneur involves taking a big mental leap and readily accepting a massive change in lifestyle, it is definitely possible..

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Why do we get more tired while working from home?

By Invoice Bazaar | August 5, 2020

Do you feel more tired, drained out or overwhelmed while working from home? If yes, you are not alone. Right from the time the lockdown began, it has been an adjusting process for all those who are working ..

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How Can SMEs Improve Their Cash Flow?

By Invoice Bazaar | August 2, 2020

As cash is considered the lifeblood of any business, an SME owner can enhance the health of his business venture and also boost its bottom line by effectively handling or improving its cash flows ..

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Why is Succession Planning Crucial for Small Businesses?

By Invoice Bazaar | July 29, 2020

The planning process that a business organization puts in place to identify and replace key people, including the owner-manager, with well-qualified and well-groomed successors to ensure the smooth transition ..

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How should a startup/SME choose a Law Firm in the UAE for drafting contracts/agreements

By Invoice Bazaar | July 22, 2020

Choosing a Law Firm could be a big decision making exercise for you. UAE has hundreds of Law Firms within UAE mainland as well as hundreds in DIFC (Dubai International ..

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Should you hire fresh talent or experienced hands for your SME business?

By Invoice Bazaar | July 22, 2020

Deciding whether to hire a fresher or an experienced professional for your SME may sometimes prove to be a pretty tricky task as recruiting a wrong candidate may lead ..

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How to Build a Successful Business During a Recession?

By Invoice Bazaar | July 19, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only forced many business organizations to pull down their shutters but has also plunged many countries across the globe into the worst recession ever witnessed since ..

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Human Approach to Leadership Post the Pandemic

By Invoice Bazaar | July 15, 2020

The crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic has given a major shock to a vast cross-section of people. This has, in turn, created various challenges, which will have to be tackled in the course of time.

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Small businesses should embrace automation!

By Invoice Bazaar | July 14, 2020

SME Interview: An interview with Vijay Kumar, Founder of Moverszone a moving focused fulfilment platform and also a Zoho One implementation partner. Vijay talks about his journey, challenges and effectiveness ..

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What Are the Lessons Learned by SMEs During the Lockdown?

By Invoice Bazaar | July 12, 2020

While the Covid-19 pandemic has inflicted significant losses on a large section of businesses and institutions, small business owners have learned some concrete lessons of survival and new collaborative models …

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What Changes will SMEs Have to Adapt to After the Pandemic Ends?

By Invoice Bazaar | July 8, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only created significant challenges but has also brought in numerous changes in the business and social environment across the world ..

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