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How long will work-from-home policy continue after the pandemic?

By Invoice Bazaar | September 17, 2020

Working from home has its own merits and demerits. For some employees, the work-from-home policy has proved to be a win-win situation because their productivity has increased significantly, and they are also happy as they get to spend more time with their family. On the other hand, some employees find it quite distracting and challenging to work from home. They prefer to come to the office and work from there as it allows them to be much more focused and also boosts their productivity.

As such, there is no one-size-fits-all kind of solution to resolve this dilemma concerning whether the business organizations should continue with their work-from-home policy after the pandemic gets over. Business owners and employees, who prefer an entrenched office culture and thrive in an environment where there are frequent face-to-face interactions amongst co-located staff, will switch back to working from the office.

Moreover, those employees who are not tech-savvy and are unable to adapt to digital technology used for remote working will prefer to work from the office. Furthermore, some work – such as that of warehouse employees, stores clerks and packaging staff – cannot be performed from home. So, those employees will have to invariably and punctually go to their offices, factories or workplace to attend to their duties.

Meanwhile, a large number of jobs in the BPO/ ITES sector as well as in education, teaching and IT-software segment can be easily and proficiently attended to from home. Organizations in these sectors may, therefore, allow their employees to continue to work from home forever. Then there would also be business houses, which may witness a long-term shift to some kind of hybrid working formula.

In such organizations, the entire work to be attended may get split between home and office. Those workers who are self-motivated and can deliver the expected results while working from remote locations may be allowed to work from home. The remaining staff would be required to come to the office regularly and attend to their work.