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Things that Covid-19 pandemic has made us learn, unlearn and relearn

By Invoice Bazaar | October 15, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic and the disruption it has caused has triggered massive changes in many areas of our lives. These changes have forced a large section of the society including teachers, students, business owners, shoppers and others to embrace digital technology and access various facilities, data and systems remotely.

For instance, with schools and colleges remaining closed, the teachers and students have been forced to switch over to online education and distance learning. As such, it has become imperative for teachers and academicians to become tech-savvy and learn how to provide learning content in digital formats.

They have also been compelled to unlearn the pedagogy or teaching methodology they had so far been using in traditional classrooms. Furthermore, they have started to relearn how to produce interesting and relevant online teaching material and videos.

Meanwhile, some creative guys in the educational sector have also designed and developed innovative teaching methods and online tools to facilitate online education and homeschooling in a bid to effectively and efficiently impart knowledge to the students.

Similarly, due to social distancing norms and various restrictions imposed on commuting and movement of citizens, employees of many business organizations have started working from home. So, business owners have now learned that their staff can work from any remote location and also enhance productivity while cutting down costs by making use of the right digital tools.

On the other hand, the pandemic has also humbled many business owners and unmoored them from their old belief system, and made them unlearn some of their strategies and collaborative models as they realize those models may not work anymore as the dynamics of business have undergone drastic changes.In the meantime, business owners and their employees have relearned the importance of inculcating excellent team spirit and how to tighten their belts so that they can surmount the worst-case scenario. They have also learned some concrete lessons of survival and new collaborative models as well as how to leverage the adverse conditions to their own benefit.