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What are some of the major mistakes committed by first-time entrepreneurs?

By Invoice Bazaar | August 31, 2021

Many first-time entrepreneurs don’t realize that launching a business enterprise, managing it effectively and efficiently, and making it successful is not an easy task, and if things go out of control, then the entire exercise can become a roller coaster ride or a nightmare. Meanwhile, some business founders may commit the mistake of overestimating the demand and utility of their products or services and may even underestimate the strengths of their rivals and competing products that are already available in the marketplace.

Some aspiring entrepreneurs who are impractical or over-ambitious and want to become rich overnight tend to set unrealistic goals because of their greed or lack of knowledge about the market scenario and business realities. Another major mistake they commit is choosing the wrong business partner or co-founder instead of teaming up with someone having a compatible temperament and complementary skills. Furthermore, instead of hiring talented and experienced employees with a proven track record, they recruit mediocre people just because they have to be paid lower salaries. They do this because they are obsessed with cutting costs.

Because of their lack of entrepreneurial foresight, skills, and experience, some SME founders cannot keep abreast of the rapidly changing business environment. They may also fail to do timely and prudent financial planning, due to which they may find it difficult to avert a liquidity crisis, safeguard against exigencies and drive business growth. Their inability to draw up a strong branding and marketing strategy coupled with badly executed promotional campaigns can also be a critical mistake.  

Poorly visualized business plans, a faulty business model, or a wrong pricing strategy can all prove to be disastrous because of which their SMEs may fail to become profitable and leave little choice but to close down. Unwillingness to delegate work to subordinates or outsource some activities to external agencies is some other gaffes committed by business owners. Thus, an entrepreneur can hope to build a successful business only by avoiding the mistakes mentioned above.