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Why do we get more tired while working from home?

By Invoice Bazaar | August 5, 2020

Do you feel more tired, drained out or overwhelmed while working from home? If yes, you are not alone. Right from the time the lockdown began, it has been an adjusting process for all those who are working from home. Though ‘Work from Home’ is supposed to increase efficiency and productivity, it can just be very exhausting for most people because of several extra or unusual things that one has to deal with other than the office work.

For instance, if you have a family, then all the family members are likely to be at home due to the lockdown, and you may get burdened with taking care of the elders or homeschooling your children or some other family responsibilities, which is over and above your office work. As you are not accustomed to such things, these additional responsibilities may overwhelm or exhaust you mentally or physically.

Furthermore, sitting in front of your computer and interacting with your office colleagues or customers or other stakeholders for long via videoconferencing platforms can be very exhausting. That is because though you are in the perceived presence of people, it becomes challenging for you to accurately read their body language or social cues via video. So, as you lack the required social or physical contact, communicating virtually can sometimes make it emotionally draining and even intolerable.

Moreover, from the time we started working from home, there may have been some unhealthy changes to our routine, such as sleeping late, eating at odd hours or lack of physical exercise. Such unanticipated or abrupt changes or interruptions or distractions can also make one feel more tired. Meanwhile, the uncertainty, disease, death and turmoil across the globe and the fear of how things will turn out in future can make us feel frustrated and disoriented. This can drain our energy and weigh down on our emotional wellbeing, thereby adding to our fatigue and making it harder for us to cope with our daily life.