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Certain things that no business school can ever teach you

By Invoice Bazaar | October 30, 2021

Business schools impart knowledge and training about business practices, theories, case studies, and models. However, in a fast-paced world of global connectivity and continual technological leaps, such knowledge and business models quickly become outdated or irrelevant. Hence, the business world that existed when you began your study may have a minimal resemblance to what you find when you graduate and step outside. With technology changing the dynamics of market relationships at regular intervals, you realize that people around you are the only constants. They may be your business partners, investors, clients, or other stakeholders, but your business school cannot teach you how to deal with them effectively or interact with them productively.

There are many such things that a business school cannot ever teach you, and you may have to learn them through experience, experimentation, or exposure. For instance, it is very tough to teach social and interpersonal skills in the classroom. So, you may have to learn such skills and imbibe certain qualities entirely by yourself. Another crucial thing is knowing how to improvise at every step of your business journey because most of the theories and models you have learned are based on historical data sets. As such, they may guide you but won’t equip you to predict the emerging business realities exactly. Such skills may have to be nurtured through trial and error.

Furthermore, you will need to learn by yourself how to adapt and innovate, how to promote yourself, and how to sell your accomplishments and your products or services. Your business school may teach you how to design a clear and convincing business plan and then approach investors for funds. But it won’t teach you when and how to bootstrap and when to seek funds. Similarly, you will have to learn by yourself how to manage cashflows efficiently, how to price your products or services appropriately, and how to experiment with marketing at a low budget. All these are things you can learn only through experience, and not at business schools.