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How are entrepreneurs different from managers?

By Invoice Bazaar | December 28, 2021

Entrepreneurs fundamentally differ from managers in their roles, tasks, and approaches towards solutions. In any business organization, the entrepreneur is the founder and owner, the reason why the business exists. She is the person who decides what risks to take to bring the business ideas to fruition and holds ultimate accountability for success or failure. On the other hand, a manager is a senior employee, and her job is to organize and coordinate her subordinates and departments well and thereby ensure that the enterprise runs smoothly. She is also responsible for seeing that the entrepreneur’s instructions are appropriately implemented, and the business operations align with the entrepreneur’s vision and objectives.

Furthermore, while a manager promotes stability and consistency, an entrepreneur brings disruptions and new ways of doing things. An entrepreneur is a creator, a person who is obsessed with a vision of better solutions and a passion for translating them into reality. She wants results and not excuses. And when required, she’ll invest the needed efforts and resources to get the results she desires while bearing all the risks. In contrast, a manager operates within a pre-determined frame of expectations and shoulders little risk except those associated with her job. An entrepreneur will make personal sacrifices for her business, whereas a manager may not be expected to do anything beyond what is specified in her job description.

An entrepreneur devotes her attention to resolving the stakeholders’ problems, while a manager focuses on the operational issues related to the organization. An entrepreneur also differs from a manager concerning specific tasks they focus on. An entrepreneur may concentrate all her energies on accomplishing her business vision and making the firm, product, and solution successful in the market. She may assign less critical and routine tasks to her manager and employees. Meanwhile, the manager is good at managing everyday tasks and may attend to or properly delegate various tasks to employees, troubleshoot issues, and ensure that deadlines are met, and intended results are achieved efficiently.