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How can an entrepreneur grow his business by automating and outsourcing?

By Invoice Bazaar | August 19, 2020

In an SME, there would be many repetitive day-to-day business tasks, which tend to take up the precious time of the business owner and his employees. If they are able to free themselves from such repetitive and routine tasks, the SME owner and his staff can devote more time, efforts, attention and other resources on expanding their operations or growing their business venture.

Fortunately, technological advancement has made it possible to automate many of the repetitive tasks easily. Secondly, there is also the option of outsourcing some of the specialized or tedious work or jobs that require technical expertise to an external agency or another company or to some freelancers engaged full-time in such work, and who can attend to them very proficiently and professionally.

To explore and capitalize on these two options, first of all, the entrepreneur and his team should discuss and identify all the repetitive, tedious and specialized tasks. Then they should list them down. After these tasks are listed out, the SME owner should determine the tasks to be automated and the ones to be outsourced.

For instance, most of the repetitive administrative and accounting tasks can be automated. To facilitate this automation process, there are appropriate software, apps and programs as well as a variety of artificial intelligence-equipped tools available at very affordable prices. Similarly, tasks related to updating the SME’s website or preparing spreadsheets or work related to social media marketing, blogging or research can be outsourced.

Thus, automating many of the repetitive tasks and systems of the SME will enable the entrepreneur and his team to significantly save on time, cost and efforts, which can be channelled into sharpening the team’s focus and boosting its efficiency. Meanwhile, outsourcing certain business processes will provide the SME access to skilled resources and expertise, which is not available in-house. This step will allow the business owner and his staff to focus on the core areas, which in turn will enable them to expand and grow their business much faster.