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How can you combat loneliness during your entrepreneurial journey?

By Invoice Bazaar | November 7, 2021

Loneliness is an occupational hazard for entrepreneurs. The stresses of balancing work and family life as well as meeting the demands and expectations of employees and family members take an inevitable psychological toll. The feelings of isolation increase with the realization that you have to take the final call on everything without expecting anyone else to share or shoulder responsibility and accountability. At the same time, you can’t bond as a friend with any of your employees as you are the boss and may have to maintain a fair and unbiased image in front of the staff. All these and other reasons can make an entrepreneur feel lonely. However, you cannot allow loneliness to overwhelm you. Hence, you will have to formulate strategies to combat it.

First and foremost, accept that loneliness is an inseparable part of your entrepreneurial journey. Then start thinking creatively and resort to improvisations to battle loneliness. One of the ways is to resurrect hobbies and interests unrelated to your work, find groups of like-minded individuals or professionals and get involved in exciting activities and programs. Likewise, become active on Social Media and create and nurture or join an existing online community for discussions, problem-solving, and other interesting activities. Similarly, connect with other entrepreneurs, business owners, consultants, and other professionals and organize workshops, seminars, and other events that can open up opportunities to teach, learn, network, and celebrate achievements and success stories. Whenever the situation permits, hold meetings in-person rather than online. Reconnect with friends from your school or college days, who may now be in entirely different fields or professions. Meet up with them and relive the happy and carefree days of your past by recounting shared and fond memories. Furthermore, share your fears and insecurities with someone you can trust, be it your spouse, brother, mentor, or an old school friend. Meanwhile, at the workplace, seek out occasions for social interaction with your employees by eating together or organizing get-togethers, picnics, and other functions. Also, promote a sense of community within the organization.