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How can you make your employees responsible and accountable by empowering them?

By Invoice Bazaar | March 2, 2021

As part of empowering your employees, you have to give them more freedom, independence, and authority to enable them to make their own decisions regarding how they should go about achieving the organizational goals. Simultaneously, it would help if you nurtured in them a sense of responsibility, commitment, ownership and accountability to get all their jobs done well by ensuring that their performance is measured directly based on productivity and end results and not by the number of hours they are present at the workplace. To nurture accountability and establish an effective work environment based on trust and competency, you must cultivate a culture of transparency and feedback. 

Meanwhile, as the business owner and employer, you should appropriately tweak the organizational structure and incorporate suitable changes to make every employee believe that he is a decision-maker. Simultaneously, communicate your business venture’s vision while giving them abundant discretion, flexibility, and autonomy over their delegated tasks and assigned resources. This will instil in your workforce a strong sense of responsibility towards accomplishing the organizational objectives. The entire staff will then feel energized and self-motivated to embrace ownership of their actions, and they will have the required incentive to share important information with each other and put in their best efforts to accomplish the shared vision. 

The above changes will result in more effective and faster decision making while also opening up ample scope for career growth. The other steps to empower the staff would include providing them with the best and latest technology, fostering innovation, passion and creativity, offering mentorship and training. Also, you should always appreciate exceptional and sincere work put in by the employees and encourage risk-taking by giving them constructive feedback. All these measures will boost positive employee engagement by creating an empowered workplace. This, in turn, will motivate your employees and instil in them a tremendous sense of trust and loyalty while also making them more accountable and responsible.