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How can you take your offline business online?

By Invoice Bazaar | December 17, 2021

If you are already running a business, whether offering services, selling commodities, manufacturing products, or any other line that benefits from online presence and marketing, this article will tell you the essential steps you need to take. The obvious first step is to buy a domain name from a domain name registrar. Keep this in your total control by purchasing the domain name through your account and not through the account of a web developer or marketer. Also, do not accept free domain names from sites that offer the tools to set up your online store at a price. 

If your domain name is not in your control, you may, later on, find it enormously challenging to shift hosts and systems. With your domain name in hand, you must start building an online presence by finding a good web host, buying hosting, and designing a website that suits your business needs. You may have to hire good web developers and designers for this. Always be careful about data security and the security grades of your website. Put up all web pages like About Us, Privacy, Terms and Conditions, Cancellation & Refund Policy, as they are required by payment gateways through which you’ll transact online. 

It would help if you also had an excellent SMTP or mail provider so that your business’s custom domain emails or official mails do not end up in spam folders. Next, find the best payment gateway for your SME and have a tie-up with the service provider so that you can sell your products and services online through your website. Once all these are in place, you have established your primary online presence and point of sale and a place where people can find you online. The next step is to ensure that your business comes up on the radar of people looking for goods and services you deal in. 

Once your website is done and ready to go, start building your presence across the Internet. Register your business on Google My Business and in local online business directories. Furthermore, create business pages on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and others where your potential clients and stakeholders can easily see you, and you can engage with them. Now, turn to your website again and start doing search engine optimization, first on-page and then off-page in earnest. With the basics of SEO complete, you can now turn to social media and start promoting yourself there as your business has started running online. Hereafter, marketing and selling can take it further.