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How interning in a young startup can help students?

By Invoice Bazaar | January 22, 2021

You may have different options to choose from when you are seeking an internship opportunity. Before you, the choices may include a well-known multi-national corporation (MNC), a well-established and successful mid-sized company and a startup venture. Working as an intern in each of these organizations will offer you different sets of advantages and benefits. For instance, the chance of getting a salaried internship is relatively higher in an MNC or an established company as compared to a startup. And interning in a large company adds much more weight to your resume and improves your job prospects tremendously, thereby giving an excellent start to your career.

However, if you aspire to become a business owner, then interning at a startup will help you get a well-rounded learning experience because there you will undergo intensive and holistic training and gain enormous exposure. The other advantages are that interns are treated as equal to other employees as nobody bothers about hierarchy or seniority and the working environment is informal and flexible. 

As startup interns, you will have lots of freedom and get the opportunity to try your hands at various roles and responsibilities. So, interning in a startup will help you develop new skills and better understand your strengths, weaknesses, core competencies and what line of work you should pursue to achieve outstanding success. Moreover, it will also enable you to understand different functional areas and the various tasks and nuances essential to keep a business enterprise running and profitable.

Furthermore, being an intern in an early-stage startup will allow you to work with different teams on real-time projects and produce actual results. It will, in turn, give you invaluable exposure and experience while providing you with a lot of insight concerning how various projects are completed. All these cross-team exposures to live projects will boost your confidence and give you the extra edge needed when you decide to become an entrepreneur and set up your business unit in future.