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How should you keep business meetings short and productive?

By Invoice Bazaar | January 28, 2021

If business meetings are not planned, organized and coordinated appropriately, they may fail to serve the intended purpose or achieve the targeted goals and thereby prove to be a waste of time. To avert such a situation, anyone who is setting up the meeting should draft a clear-cut but comprehensive agenda with bullet points of the topics to be discussed. 

The agenda can also highlight specific guidelines that every attendee is supposed to adhere to. Much before the meeting, email or distribute copies of the agenda among the invited attendees and get it approved. This will ensure that every participant has a good idea about the proposed meeting’s objectives and goals and come prepared for it. 

Invite only those people to the meeting whose participation is absolutely essential. For instance, the invite list can have the names of those who will be directly affected by the decisions taken and who can contribute to the meeting’s discussions and outcome. The abovementioned tips will create the right atmosphere and set the desired tone for the meeting before it commences.

Encourage everyone attending the meeting to share their views ideas and suggestions. However, fix a specific time limit for each agenda item and ensure no participant exceeds the prescribed time-frame. It will make sure that time is not wasted on irrelevant or unproductive discussions, and the meeting never gets prolonged beyond the scheduled time.

As the meeting organizer, you should complete all the necessary formalities and preparations beforehand to ensure that the session starts and ends and reaches the agenda goals well within the set times. If required, rope in a timekeeper to indicate when the assigned time is up for each agenda item. Also, decide on someone who will meticulously note down the minutes of the meeting. If some excellent ideas or crucial suggestions come up and are unrelated to your current agenda, save them for another meeting.