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Human Approach to Leadership Post the Pandemic

By Invoice Bazaar | July 15, 2020

The crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic has given a major shock to a vast cross-section of people. This has, in turn, created various challenges, which will have to be tackled in the course of time. Realizing this fact, some farsighted and visionary business leaders have started making significant changes in their style of managing their business enterprises. This is being done to instill confidence and a sense of peace and stability among the employees during these uncertain times.

Besides demonstrating empathy and transparency, some leaders are striving to encourage their employees to express their thoughts, views, needs and feelings by being consistently open and compassionate to such feedback. Senior managers are also displaying concern by connecting with all their subordinates on a one-to-one basis at a personal level, and also by resorting to active listening. These steps are likely to ensure that the entire organization functions and performs well as a cohesive and motivated team.

By discarding their old aggressive leadership and management style, some leaders are now adopting a friendly and humane approach in a bid to elicit cooperation and get the desired results from the employees as well as to enthuse and energize them to put in their best efforts and perform at their optimum capacity. Recognizing that human resources are the most important asset of any organization, most leaders are paying serious attention to comments, viewpoints and feedback received from employees in response to HR emails, staff surveys and blog posts of their company.

To boost the skills, abilities, morale and motivation of their employees, business leaders have begun to consistently explore all the possible ways and means to study and understand the attitudes, emotions and satisfaction levels of their subordinates. They are also striving to give staff members the kind of answers, guidance and comfort they are seeking from the organization. These steps will help the senior executives to appropriately rebuild and reinvent the post-pandemic work culture and workplaces so that they can continue to lead the organization more dynamically and effectively.