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Should small businesses care about diversity and inclusion?

By Invoice Bazaar | February 9, 2021

Small businesses that promote a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture will command more trust and deeper commitment from employees as the latter would perceive this as respecting their unique needs and perspectives. This, in turn, will create favourable conditions where every employee will feel secure and safe and can contribute their full potential in a meaningful way. The resulting ecosystem will encourage the entire workforce to put in their best efforts and thrive in their roles, which in turn will translate into more creative thinking, enhanced productivity, innovative ideas, increased turnover and higher profitability for the concerned business enterprises. 

It has also been found that small businesses that support diversity and inclusion incorporate the experience and knowledge of various demographics, tend to make faster decisions, are more innovative, produce better business values and results, and easily outperform the competition. Employees in such organizations know that they and their co-workers will be treated fairly and respectfully irrespective of their ethnicity, race, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation or other differences. So, all of them have a strong sense of belonging – both intellectually and emotionally. They also know that the organization will always value their distinctive talents.

Furthermore, SMEs that embrace diversity and inclusion find it easy to create a culture that attracts competent and well-qualified top talent, ensuring optimum employee engagement while building high-trust and high-performance workplaces that drive innovative results. Moreover, no one will ever feel excluded, interrupted or shamed in such organizations, which is critical to keeping the entire workforce cohesive, self-motivated, and result-oriented. Though diversity and inclusivity initiatives and programs will need time and resources to get embedded in an organization, they will invariably help the concerned SMEs thrive and grow in the long term. Because of the reasons mentioned above, small business owners should aggressively incorporate diversity programs and promote inclusion initiatives in their organizations.