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What adverse impact can your late payments have on your business enterprise?

By Invoice Bazaar | June 11, 2022

As a business owner, if you delay payments to your creditors or suppliers, salaries to employees, or refunds to customers, such delays can lead to a loss of goodwill and may create a trust deficit among various stakeholders. This, in turn, can hurt your business enterprise extremely hard. On the other hand, making payments promptly can boost your goodwill and reputation among your employees, customers, suppliers, and creditors, and they will feel comfortable and happy to continue their association with you. Meanwhile, they will also strive to reciprocate your positive gesture of making timely payments by remaining loyal to your company. 

Furthermore, the smooth operations of your business depend heavily on timely supplies, adequate funds, proficient services, and solid goodwill in the marketplace and among stakeholders. And without them, your business can flounder and fail. That is because products may fail to reach the market on time, and suppliers, creditors, investors, or customers may be reluctant to deal with you and your business enterprise. Such developments can adversely impact your capacity to maintain uninterrupted production, and you may start losing your hard-earned goodwill in the marketplace.

Delayed payments can thus destroy many things that you have dedicatedly built up over a long period by abruptly creating a trust deficit for your brand, product, and organization. Late payments can also cause production disruptions, poor quality services by unhappy employees, and loss of customers. Meanwhile, financial institutions that remain aware of market developments may refuse to lend you money. Such unwelcome and harmful consequences and news can bring down any business organization.

Late payments will also lead to a loss of your bargaining power with suppliers and creditors. Hence, suppliers will be reluctant to offer you competitive rates or discounts, which can increase your production and servicing costs and may lead to deterioration in your product quality. If you delay refunding money to customers, some may take to the internet and social media and spread toxicity against you and your firm. Even if you pay them up later, those hateful statements against you stay up as most of them won’t bother to go back and delete them ever. Such comments will stand as damaging testimony against you before the world, and your company’s reputation and brand equity will take a massive hit in the marketplace.

So, what starts with late payments to vendors, creditors, or employees, can cause a considerable trust deficit for the brand, and your firm loses sales, competitive edge, and even the support and backing of banks and investors. Late payments can also lead to unnecessary litigation and cause stress to your managerial and administrative staff, who may start losing trust in your leadership, and the brand. Such litigations can also lead to a negative credit rating and adversely impact your company’s image and brand equity.