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When is hiring interns for an SME a good business proposition?

By Invoice Bazaar | August 17, 2020

Hiring interns for an SME can prove to be a good business proposition under various circumstances. One such situation is when a small business owner has a lot of easy-to-do things and routine tasks to get done, but due to a tight budget and severe resource constraints, he cannot afford to employ the required number of full-time paid employees to ensure that all those jobs get attended to. In such cases, he can hire as many interns as he wants if he is convinced that they will attend to all the pending work satisfactorily.

Secondly, when an entrepreneur is keen to promote new organizational viewpoints on various issues as well as bring fresh and new ideas into his company, and he wants to seek better ways of doing things, a carefully planned and executed internship program can prove very beneficial to his business enterprise. In this case, the owner should have clear goals in mind and dedicate a good portion of his time to mentorship and training. This will enable the business venture to reap huge rewards from its internship programs.

Furthermore, if an SME owner wants to implement a cost-effective recruitment strategy to source new talent for specific roles instead of an expensive and time-consuming recruitment process and training program, he should hire interns. While those interns are undergoing on-the-job training, the SME owner can test their abilities and offer them full-time positions based on their performance, talent, skills, proficiency, enthusiasm and competence, as soon as the internship gets over.

If an SME is operating in the area of artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, information technology, applied science, biotech, telecommunications, software development, social media or other such fields, then hiring suitably qualified interns is recommended as young graduates are very tech-savvy, and they will quickly adapt to digital technology and technical know-how like a fish takes to water. They will also keep abreast of the latest developments in their field and bring in an outsider’s perspective when looking at the working of the business organization.