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MSMEs in India can accelerate their growth by relying on digital technology

By Invoice Bazaar | January 29, 2023

As digital technology has tremendous potential to unlock numerous business opportunities, MSMEs in India should rely..

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SME financing outlook remains optimistic in Philippines despite economic headwinds

By Invoice Bazaar | January 28, 2023

Despite the looming global recession that could hit many countries and the high inflation currently prevailing in the Philippines..

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Iraq’s women entrepreneurs nurture big dreams to become owners of small businesses

By Invoice Bazaar | January 26, 2023

Though Iraq has 13 million women in the working age group, only a few million are working. And among them, there is a minimal..

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South African SMEs urge govt to avert energy crisis, rioting, looting and collapse

By Invoice Bazaar | January 25, 2023

South African SMEs suffering debilitating losses due to the load-shedding crisis have warned the government that tensions..

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India’s M1NXT to enable MSME exporters to avail payment against invoices

By Invoice Bazaar | January 23, 2023

M1xchange, the RBI-licenced trade financing platform, will soon allow Indian MSME exporters to avail early payment against..

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‘Bangladeshi SMEs will have to retrench workers or slash profit margins to survive’

By Invoice Bazaar | January 22, 2023

The recent hike in prices of gas and electricity in Bangladesh will push up the production costs of the industrial sector, and small..

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British Chambers of Commerce urges UK govt to help besieged SME exporters

By Invoice Bazaar | January 20, 2023

British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has urged the UK government to throw a lifeline to the struggling SME exporters striving..

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SME executives seen feeding a rebound in business travel globally in 2023

By Invoice Bazaar | January 19, 2023

Global airlines are likely to post profits this year for the first time after 2019, fuelled by demand for flying and air travel from SMEs..

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Mastercard teams up with e-marketplace Tradeling to support SMEs in UAE

By Invoice Bazaar | January 18, 2023

Mastercard Incorporated and digital marketplace Tradeling have teamed up to support SMEs in the UAE, thereby enabling..

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Digitalization will drive global recovery of small businesses: World Economic Forum

By Invoice Bazaar | January 17, 2023

Digitalization will drive the global recovery of small businesses as online payment and marketing systems will enable SMEs to tap..

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FDB and Visa launch financial literacy programs to boost growth of Fijian SMEs

By Invoice Bazaar | January 15, 2023

Realizing that financial literacy is very crucial for the growth and success of SMEs in the country, the Fiji Development Bank..

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Doncaster Council in England to offer free masterclasses to small businesses

By Invoice Bazaar | January 14, 2023

Small business owners in Doncaster city in the county of Yorkshire of north-central England will be offered five free masterclasses..

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