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Why do digital banks offer higher interest rates on savings accounts?

By Invoice Bazaar | January 20, 2022

nlike the traditional banks, which are referred to as brick-and-mortar banks, digital banks operate without a network of physical..

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How can a small business get financing from EXIM banks while importing capital equipment?

By Invoice Bazaar | January 17, 2022

member that it is easier to get finance for exports than for imports, and more so where EXIM banks are involved. So, if your business..

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What is mezzanine finance? Are small businesses eligible for it?

By Invoice Bazaar | January 15, 2022

Mezzanine financing is a form of funding having features of both debt and equity financing, which gives the lender the right to claim ownership of equity or stock in the..

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My working capital loan got rejected due to high leverage. What does it mean?

By Invoice Bazaar | January 12, 2022

If your business venture has high leverage, it means your firm’s debt-to-equity ratio is excessive or abnormal, and its operations..

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When should an entrepreneur prefer invoice finance over a business loan?

By Invoice Bazaar | January 9, 2022

Collecting outstanding payments against overdue invoices and efficiently managing the cash flows can be a significant challenge..

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MSMEs are the economic backbone of a nation

By Invoice Bazaar | December 31, 2021

The importance of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) for the economic development of every nation has been starkly highlighted recently, with the Covid-19 crisis..

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How are entrepreneurs different from managers?

By Invoice Bazaar | December 28, 2021

Entrepreneurs fundamentally differ from managers in their roles, tasks, and approaches towards solutions. In any business organization, the entrepreneur is the founder..

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What are some of the significant challenges women entrepreneurs face?

By Invoice Bazaar | December 24, 2021

Many countries in the world are still patriarchal in nature. In such countries, women’s lives are generally dictated by their..

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Pros and cons of accepting funding from relatives or friends to start your small business

By Invoice Bazaar | December 20, 2021

Most entrepreneurs have, at one time or another, faced the dilemma of whether to ask relatives or friends for funds or not..

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How can you take your offline business online?

By Invoice Bazaar | December 17, 2021

any other line that benefits from online presence and marketing, this article will tell you the essential steps you need to take. The obvious first step is to buy a domain..

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Small businesses that you can start with low investment or no investment

By Invoice Bazaar | December 13, 2021

To launch a small business with low or no investment, first, do a SWOT analysis. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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Some online businesses that are ideal for female entrepreneurs

By Invoice Bazaar | December 11, 2021

Undoubtedly, a woman can start any type of business venture and make it successful provided she has the requisite knowledge, skills, and experience..

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