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Retaining quality talent in your business needs you to empower them

By Invoice Bazaar | June 25, 2022

The Great Resignation is currently a global phenomenon, and it is unlikely to disappear soon because of which even giant employers..

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Fundraising for your startup: How do you calculate LTV:CAC ratio?

By Invoice Bazaar | June 20, 2022

Before deciding to seek external investors for your startup, you need to be fully aware of the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your business, and most importantly, the LTV..

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How can small businesses use references and referrals to grow their customer base?

By Invoice Bazaar | June 17, 2022

Due to their apparent similarity, many people think references and referrals are synonyms and use them interchangeably. However..

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What adverse impact can your late payments have on your business enterprise?

By Invoice Bazaar | June 11, 2022

As a business owner, if you delay payments to your creditors or suppliers, salaries to employees, or refunds to customers, such..

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What are the most common reasons for the failure of startups?

By Invoice Bazaar | June 5, 2022

An entrepreneur decides to launch a startup because she is convinced that she has a product, service, or solution that will benefit..

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Products, People, Investors, Revenues: What should be an entrepreneur’s order of priority?

By Invoice Bazaar | June 1, 2022

Various adages highlight what should be an entrepreneur’s top priority to ensure that the business venture achieves commendable..

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How is the ESG compliance landscape evolving across the world?

By Invoice Bazaar | May 30, 2022

Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) compliance has been playing a critical but low-profile and unrecognized role in business..

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Do all SMEs and startups require external funding?

By Invoice Bazaar | May 26, 2022

Raising external funding has become something of a fashion among SMEs and startups today, and how much external finance one has raised is given as social proof..

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‘Startup’ is a culture and not dependent on the size of a company

By Invoice Bazaar | May 24, 2022

In business parlance, the term startup refers to a business venture in the initial stages of operations and focuses on a single product..

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How can small business owners retain talented employees?

By Invoice Bazaar | May 20, 2022

Employee engagement and retention have lately become vital concerns for small businesses worldwide. In their 2021 Work Trend Index, Microsoft observed that leaders..

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How should an entrepreneur cope after successfully selling a startup and before transitioning to a new career?

By Invoice Bazaar | May 18, 2022

An entrepreneur who has successfully founded and built a startup and eventually..

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Why is financial acumen the most important skill for an entrepreneur?

By Invoice Bazaar | May 14, 2022

When entrepreneurs set up business ventures, one of their primary objectives is to make them profitable. To achieve this objective..

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