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Qatar based C Wallet Services, a payment services provider secures funding

By Invoice Bazaar | September 1, 2020

The company has raised over $500,000 in funding and the app is now featured in the App Store and Google Play store for download in Qatar ..

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B2B Fintech start-up LoanWell raises $715,000 in debt and options

By Invoice Bazaar | August 19, 2020

The Durham start-up which recently got selected into a new Google accelerator program, develops B2B softwares for community lenders

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Fintech start-up Fig, clinches $23 Mn Equity + Debt funding

By Invoice Bazaar | August 18, 2020

Led by alternative credit provider Upper90, the Houston based Fintech is looking to expand its base of not for profit partnerships and increase coverage to low-income Americans ….

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UK based payments fintech Vitesse, raises Series A investment

By Invoice Bazaar | August 12, 2020

The fintech which started operations in 2014 has raised $8.8Mn, led by Octopus Ventures and will utilize the funding to increase their footprint in the U.S. markets ..

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MoneyTap in India gets Renaud Leplanche to join their advisory board

By Invoice Bazaar | August 11, 2020

The serial entrepreneur, is accredited to co-founding multiple unicorns including MatchPoint, LendingClub and most recently Upgrade Inc.

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New York hedge fund Elliot increase their equity position in Chetwood

By Invoice Bazaar | August 10, 2020

With this round Elliot has in total pumped in over £ 100m into this challenger bank and hold majority stake in the business.

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UK based alternative financing fund, Honeycomb Investment Trust, seeks merger

By Invoice Bazaar | August 9, 2020

The £ 1.5 Bn merger with UK based Pollen Street Secured Lending (PSSL) will establish the largest listed investment trust, focussing on the consumer and SME loans.

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Start-up Commercial Bank : Started by Women, for Women Entrepreneurs takes off !

By Invoice Bazaar | August 6, 2020

Aptly called the First Women’s Bank – this start-up bank will be based out of Chicago and will support businesses spearheaded by women ..

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Grab “Super App” introduces a micro invest product for Singapore users

By Invoice Bazaar | August 4, 2020

The super app, which started as a last mile food delivery business today offers a suite of financial products, ride- hailing and delivery services ..

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Singapore greenlights SFF X SWITCH 2020 event amid the virus concerns

By Invoice Bazaar | August 3, 2020

Singapore has decided to go ahead with its annual Fintech event – Singapore Fintech Festival X Switch which will be held from 7th to 11th December 2020 ..

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Early Warning Service LLC – a United States based fintech, distributes $133 billion through its Zelle digital payments network

By Invoice Bazaar | July 30, 2020

Zelle has enabled more than 519 million transactions since the start of 2020 with a lot of small and medium businesses ..

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