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Vietnam witnesses 250% jump in SMEs participating in digital transformation

By Invoice Bazaar | November 1, 2022

The number of SMEs accessing the Vietnam government’s Small and Medium Enterprises Support Program for Digital Transformation..

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Union Bank of Nigeria named ‘Best SME Bank’ by Global Finance magazine

By Invoice Bazaar | October 31, 2022

Global Finance, an international publication, has conferred its latest ‘Best SME Bank in Nigeria’ award on the Union Bank of Nigeria..

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Indian small businesses can submit entries for ET MSME Awards until Oct 31

By Invoice Bazaar | October 29, 2022

Indian micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the manufacturing and services sectors currently have an..

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Small Business Saturday lines up 20 free virtual workshops in UK in Nov

By Invoice Bazaar | October 28, 2022

Small Business Saturday, an annual event aimed at helping small business owners across the United Kingdom to overcome..

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Krea and Klarna help Swedish SMEs get larger loans at lower interest rates

By Invoice Bazaar | October 27, 2022

Krea and Klarna, two fintech companies in Sweden, have announced that their collaboration with each other has enabled..

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Indonesian govt offers 3 recommendations for formulating SME policies

By Invoice Bazaar | October 25, 2022

The Indonesian government’s Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs as well as the Cooperatives and SMEs Ministry, have..

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Sri Lanka launches ‘SME Connect’ platform to empower women entrepreneurs

By Invoice Bazaar | October 23, 2022

The National Enterprise Development Authority (NEDA) in Sri Lanka has unveiled the ‘SME Connect’ online platform to enhance..

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India’s micro units eligible for non-tax benefits for 3 years after upgradation

By Invoice Bazaar | October 22, 2022

India’s micro-enterprises can continue to avail of non-tax benefits for three more years after they have been reclassified in a higher..

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Aramco launches Taleed program to spur growth of SMEs in Saudi Arabia

By Invoice Bazaar | October 21, 2022

To boost the growth of SMEs across Saudi Arabia and to increase their contribution to job creation and economic development, Aramco..

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27% of UK small businesses fear closure due to rocketing energy costs

By Invoice Bazaar | October 19, 2022

More than 27% of small business owners across the United Kingdom fear the closure of their businesses over the next six months..

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US small businesses fear uncertain holiday season, gear up to stay afloat

By Invoice Bazaar | October 18, 2022

With inflation at an all-time high, US small businesses foresee a decrease in sales in the upcoming holiday season. So, merchants are..

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Corruption is pervasive in Bangladesh’s SME sector, says survey report

By Invoice Bazaar | October 17, 2022

Almost nine out of 10 SMEs in Bangladesh admit that corruption is widespread in the SME sector across the country and that..

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