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Why are traditional banks not keen to lend to small business owners?

By Invoice Bazaar | January 24, 2022

Some of the reasons that a conventional bank may not be eager to lend to a small business include the borrower’s adverse credit history..

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My working capital loan got rejected due to high leverage. What does it mean?

By Invoice Bazaar | January 12, 2022

If your business venture has high leverage, it means your firm’s debt-to-equity ratio is excessive or abnormal, and its operations..

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When should an entrepreneur prefer invoice finance over a business loan?

By Invoice Bazaar | January 9, 2022

Collecting outstanding payments against overdue invoices and efficiently managing the cash flows can be a significant challenge..

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What Do Banks Check while Assessing the Credit Risk of Loans to SMEs?

By Invoice Bazaar | July 7, 2020

Banks and other financial institutions across the world generally have little inclination to lend money to the SME sector as there is a lack of precise methods for assessing ..

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