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How should an entrepreneur cope with change after selling her SME?

By Invoice Bazaar | February 20, 2021

After your startup’s sale to another company, you will be staring at either of the two possibilities mentioned below. The first possibility is you may become redundant..

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How to choose the perfect name for your small business? Does it really matter?

By Invoice Bazaar | February 16, 2021

Research studies and surveys have found that if your SME has an appealing, unique, easy-to-recall and easy-to-pronounce name then it is effortless for your customers, investors..

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Should a small business consider offshore outsourcing of its non-client facing functions?

By Invoice Bazaar | February 12, 2021

Offshore outsourcing is a strategy wherein your business enterprise moves some of its select tasks or functions to another company located in some foreign country with the..

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Should small businesses care about diversity and inclusion?

By Invoice Bazaar | February 9, 2021

Small businesses that promote a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture will command more trust and deeper commitment from employees as the latter would perceive this as respecting their unique needs..

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Why is it worthwhile to have an advisory board for your small business?

By Invoice Bazaar | February 5, 2021

Generally, an advisory board is composed of people who have vast experience, varied business skills and top expertise. They are also passionate and committed to helping..

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How can SMEs use social media to grow their business?

By Invoice Bazaar | February 1, 2021

A large section of the consumers across the world are now on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, […]

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How should you keep business meetings short and productive?

By Invoice Bazaar | January 28, 2021

If business meetings are not planned, organized and coordinated appropriately, they may fail to serve the intended purpose or achieve the targeted goals and thereby prove to be a waste of time.

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Things about starting your business that no one tells you

By Invoice Bazaar | January 25, 2021

While launching your business venture, you are likely to come across some unforeseen problems and encounter certain unexpected challenges. You may then wish that if someone had alerted you about those..

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How interning in a young startup can help students?

By Invoice Bazaar | January 22, 2021

You may have different options to choose from when you are seeking an internship opportunity. Before you, the choices may include a well-known multi-national corporation (MNC), a well-established..

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Mistakes made by first-time entrepreneurs that can prove costly

By Invoice Bazaar | January 17, 2021

More than 50 per cent of the small businesses fail and pull down their shutters within five years of commencing operations because of some disastrous mistakes committed..

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Is being an entrepreneur worth the price you have had to pay for it?

By Invoice Bazaar | January 14, 2021

Many people are unaware that business success comes at a considerable cost. As a business owner, you are responsible for every aspect concerning your organization. Hence, being an entrepreneur is not only hard work..

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How can I take over and make my Dad’s small business more profitable and successful?

By Invoice Bazaar | January 11, 2021

Your Dad will want you to take over his small business when he decides to retire. Inheriting and taking over your father’s business venture gives you a massive advantage as you are..

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