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Technology and innovation bring in a paradigm shift in SME loan processing

By Invoice Bazaar | December 4, 2021

Recent advancement in digital technology has eased SME loan processing by banks. The digital transformation happening at the..

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Indian MSMEs bracing up to tackle adverse impact of Omicron variant

By Invoice Bazaar | December 3, 2021

Indian MSMEs, which were striving to get back on track after being hit hard by the adverse impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, are now..

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SME employees in Malaysia prefer hybrid working model post-pandemic

By Invoice Bazaar | December 2, 2021

A large section of employees working in various departments in SMEs across Malaysia would prefer a hybrid working model that..

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Bangladeshi SMEs must be classified for proper financing, say experts

By Invoice Bazaar | November 30, 2021

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Bangladesh need to be appropriately classified to enable them to secure the right..

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LankaBangla Finance obtains US$21 million foreign loans for SME funding

By Invoice Bazaar | November 28, 2021

The Dhaka-headquartered LankaBangla Finance Limited has obtained two foreign currency loans totaling US$21 million..

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Insurance sector can fill Arab world’s US$123 billion SME funding gap

By Invoice Bazaar | November 26, 2021

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Arab world are finding it challenging to secure financing from traditional banks as the latter..

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China announces relief measures to boost support for SMEs

By Invoice Bazaar | November 25, 2021

To boost support for SMEs amid downward pressure and uncertainties, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has decided to step up relief for SMEs..

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Allica Bank buys AIB Group’s £600 million UK SME loan portfolio

By Invoice Bazaar | November 24, 2021

Allica Bank has decided to purchase AIB Group’s £600m SME lending book, following the latter’s decision to exit from the United Kingdom’s SME market. The transaction..

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Lithuanian SMEs to get €100 million funding to tide over pandemic impact

By Invoice Bazaar | November 23, 2021

Lithuania-based financial intermediary UAB SME Bank has inked a guarantee agreement with the European Investment Fund that..

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Citi unveils sustainability-linked supply chain finance in the Asia Pacific

By Invoice Bazaar | November 21, 2021

To support its clients in advancing their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) priorities and manage their working capital..

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MSME’s contribution to Nigeria’s GDP may rise from current 49% to 70% by 2025

By Invoice Bazaar | November 20, 2021

ontribution to the country’s Gross Domestic Product from the current 49% to 70% by the close of 2025, according to Dikko Radda..

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84% of SMEs in Australia think bank loans are difficult to secure

By Invoice Bazaar | November 19, 2021

A new report published by RedZed, Australia’s self-employed loan specialists, has found that the vast majority of SMEs across the country are skeptical about obtaining a bank loan..

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