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PayMongo in Philippines lands a Series A investment led by Stripe

By Invoice Bazaar | September 28, 2020

The payment processing startup has now raised a total of $14.7 Mn since it started in June 2019 ..

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Amsterdam based Factris, an SME focused fintech raises Series A investment

By Invoice Bazaar | September 17, 2020

The fintech provides working capital solutions for European SME’s has raised $6Mn from AB Ventures , the investment capital ..

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Bangalore based Acko, backed by Amazon, raises a $60Mn in a Series D investment

By Invoice Bazaar | September 16, 2020

Acko, with their digital first insurance product have now a raised a total of $200 Mn with a valuation near $500mn ..

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UK based Funding Xchange secures a $10Mn Series A investment

By Invoice Bazaar | September 15, 2020

This fintech gets an additional round of financing with lead investors Downing Ventures and Gresham House Ventures ..

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Hong Kong based AMTD group invests in 5 Singapore based Fintechs

By Invoice Bazaar | September 14, 2020

The investments, totaling to S$ 11.5 Mn, are made through the AMTD Singapore Solidarity Fund and spreads across payments ..

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Telekom Malaysia (TM) chooses CapBay as their supply chain finance partner

By Invoice Bazaar | September 8, 2020

This is part of TM’s larger plan to train vendors and develop long term relationships with them.

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Australia head-quartered Flexifi, increases their Ireland footprint

By Invoice Bazaar | September 6, 2020

The Irish business headed by PJ Byrne, reported that their base is now over 40,000 customers in Ireland compared to 17,000 in the previous year.

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Indian Fintechs undeterred by global slowdown. Shows tremendous growth despite/due to COVID19

By Invoice Bazaar | September 3, 2020

Investments in Indian Fintechs continued to grow with 70 investments amounting to US$1.7Billion is first half of 2020 ..

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PayPal : the newest entrant in the “ buy now, pay later” race

By Invoice Bazaar | September 1, 2020

The space is getting more crowded, however PayPal is now offering the service to merchants at no extra cost !

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Qatar based C Wallet Services, a payment services provider secures funding

By Invoice Bazaar | September 1, 2020

The company has raised over $500,000 in funding and the app is now featured in the App Store and Google Play store for download in Qatar ..

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B2B Fintech start-up LoanWell raises $715,000 in debt and options

By Invoice Bazaar | August 19, 2020

The Durham start-up which recently got selected into a new Google accelerator program, develops B2B softwares for community lenders

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Fintech start-up Fig, clinches $23 Mn Equity + Debt funding

By Invoice Bazaar | August 18, 2020

Led by alternative credit provider Upper90, the Houston based Fintech is looking to expand its base of not for profit partnerships and increase coverage to low-income Americans ….

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