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How does one transition from being an entrepreneur back to being an employee?

By Invoice Bazaar | January 30, 2023

Going back to a full-time job and working for someone else is more common for an entrepreneur than one might think. It may be..

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How can entrepreneurs create unlimited cash runway and avert closure of their startups?

By Invoice Bazaar | January 16, 2023

A startup runway or cash runway of a business essentially denotes the length of time it can continue to operate at its current..

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Why should an entrepreneur take a vacation at regular intervals?

By Invoice Bazaar | December 24, 2022

Many entrepreneurs tend to live under chronic stress and anxiety. Even after realizing that they need to take a break, they keep putting it off because they have to deal with some..

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What are some of the common and costly mistakes committed by entrepreneurs?

By Invoice Bazaar | December 19, 2022

We are all susceptible to making mistakes, and entrepreneurs naturally are inclined to make more mistakes than others because..

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Why should businesses encourage their employees to develop an entrepreneurial mindset?

By Invoice Bazaar | October 12, 2022

In a world beset by the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting, your employees will feel..

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Top 5 traits of a successful entrepreneur

By Invoice Bazaar | September 20, 2022

The specific traits or qualities that make entrepreneurs successful may vary depending on the individuals concerned and the nature of their business ventures. However, some..

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Should you pay yourself a regular salary as an entrepreneur?

By Invoice Bazaar | September 17, 2022

As an entrepreneur, you may wonder if you should take a salary. After all, there are many expenses to meet when starting and running a business. It’s really up to you, but there are..

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Things you need to consider before starting a business

By Invoice Bazaar | September 3, 2022

There are many reasons why you might choose to launch a business. While some entrepreneurs are motivated by the challenge of building something from scratch and..

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How can an entrepreneur prevent work pressure from affecting personal relationships?

By Invoice Bazaar | August 30, 2022

For many entrepreneurs, the boundary line separating work and personal life gets blurred over time, and workplace stress encroaches..

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Are you self-employed or running a business?

By Invoice Bazaar | August 24, 2022

Entrepreneurs sometimes commit the mistake of keeping such tight control over their business ventures that they tend to lose sight of the fundamental objectives with which..

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